Werner dollar general account pay, duty & more. – for semi truck drivers.

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Werner dollar general account pay, duty & more. – for semi truck drivers.

May 26, 2021 content 0

Werner dollar general account pay, duty & more. – for semi truck drivers. 

Greetings my friends. In this post, I will try to give you a general idea of how it’s like to be working at Werner for the dollar general dedicated account.  If I have missed something or you want a specific question answered please leave a comment below at the end of the post and I will do my best to reply promptly. 

 I have been working at Werner for the dollar general account under the flex fleet program for a little bit over a year now, so I have basically worked during all four seasons of the climate. 

Like most jobs, it has its ups and downs, but to the most part I tend to enjoy it, even though every time I go home, I dream about quiting, but somehow I tend to get right back at it. 

I get back to work for mainly three reasons, number one, because it pays decent, almost double of what I used to make during OTR(over the road). I will add my recent pay check here in this post to show how much I get paid in this account. 

And the second reason is that I hate OTR, I just can’t stand sitting idle and drive for 8 to 10 hours a day, just can’t do it. Yes, you can take a break here and there, but at the end of the day, you will have to drive 8-10 hours a day to make money, the money sucks. 

The third and final reason is that I really don’t have another good source of income to quit my job yet, at least not yet. I have been making consistent money with my blog, which I will share with you in another post, you May read that by following the link below. 

But the kind of money I am making via blogging doesn’t cover all my monthly expenses yet, but I am optimistic that very soon, with in the next six month to a year, I will finally be able to make a full time income blogging and will leave this job behind. 

Don’t get me working, it’s a good paying job and I do enjoy it to the most part but there’s a much better way of making $6k a a month than breaking my back all day long unloading a 53 ft trailer lol. 

So, let’s get back at the daily routine at the dollar general dedicated account, on the flex fleet program, we are out for 11 days and home for about 2 and half days.  Werner do have a dollar general account where you could go home every weekend, they call a dedicated distribution center, where you are based on any of the multiple dollar general distribution went depending on what state you are coming from. 

For example, if you want the home weekly/weekend account, and if you are some where in Ohio, you could be assigned to the dollar general distribution center in Zanesville OH, that will be where you pick up and drop of your loaded and empty trailer, as well as where you shut down for the night, take shower etc if you want too.

The pay varies a bit though, on the flex fleet account, it pays a little more , I will get in to that here on this post. 

What I hate about the dollar general account. 

I must say, it’s brutal, for those of you wanting or thinking about joining the account. 

The most difficult part for me & hate the most is the heat in this trailers, like now, when it’s summer, if it’s 90 degrees out, you could bet your __ it’s 200 degrees in the damn trailer. 

I also hate that I am away from my family for almost two weeks. Yes I do face time on my iPhone, and talk to my kids multiple times a day, but it’s just not the same thing as you are there with them, I feel like I am loosing out on them growing up. 

It also get to be lonely at times, the good thing is that unloading this trailers does really keep your ___ real busy and time flies like crazy, and at the end of the day, you get so drained and tied you get knocked out in your Speer in seconds, so that helps, I guess.

Backing the trailer in the DG stores. 

This one might surprise you, because every thing I read on trucking forums and blogs about the dollar general account is that, how cars are crazy & everywhere when you try to back in, that the cars will be on your face, how tiny the parking is, how you could get accidents everyday and lose your CDL etc, you get the idea. 

I find that to be really funny, because by far that’s the easiest part of my job, most of the dollar general stores are located way out in the boonies, and most of the stores have decent backing space. 

 Dollar general is growing and opening new stores frequently, most of the stores are pretty new so that they have bigger parking space and are very easy to get in and out of for big rigs. 

Yes some of the  older dollar general stores have small difficult parking spaces but guess what, the secret to it is that you take all your time while planning and backing in, unlike very busy truck stops,  there’s no one rushing you, ans stressing you out, and if you are a new driver, you get good at it pretty soon. 

Dollar general is like the Walmart of these very small towns with population of under five thousand, so there is rarely traffic in those areas, so I do enjoy driving in and out of those towns, it’s less stressful. 

Unloading of the 53ft trailers.

  Yes, unloading a 53ft trailer, between 30 and 40 thousand pounds can get to you if you don’t do it the smartest way. 

What I mean by smartest way is that, I try to do undoing every other day. Mostly we get there stops per trailer, so I will pick up my trailer early at 4 or 5 am, specially in the summer time, so I could get done unloading before the heat becomes an bare-able, I get up at 4am most mornings, drive to my first stop which usualy is less than two hours drive, then start unloading which takes me between an hour and half to two hours at each stop, so let’s assume I get done around 4 pm with all my there’s stops , now I could shut down right here at the dolladr general store or get right back to the distribution center (DC)& get my next load and shut down at the dollar general DC.

But usually, I will shut down at my last store, the third store where I unloaded last and sleep there, the next morning I will get up 4am, drive to the DC which could be 100 or 200 miles away, get loaded, take shower, weight my trailer,  and head to my next destination, anothe 100 or 200 miles away, and rerpeat the process.

Thats what I meant by smart way, unload every other day, because if you unload a 40k pounds trailer every day, pretty soon you will need more than one day of a rest, it will catch up to you, believe me, I have been there, lol

What I like the most out if this job. 

The part where I enjoy the most with the dollar general account is  that I don’t have to drive much, I hate OTR, driving long distances, don’t even know why I am in the dang trucking business lol. 

With this account, the average drive is mostly around 400 miles round trip, so I leave the distribution center and drive about 160 miles, drive another 10 miles-between each of the three daily stops and when finished with my stops head back to the DC in the evening or in the morning, depending on my current mood. 

The other part I like the most is that, I don’t have to deal with truck stops, looking for parking which is another story on its own.  I can shut down at any of the dollar general stores, mostly my last stop, unload there, then chill, there are some pretty cute dollar general employees, if that’s your thing. I have had some Netflix moment in the evenings after work, with those, priceless 🙂 

Now the most important part, the payyyy

Well, on this dollar general flex fleet account, we get .72 cents a mile, $25 per stop, and another $25 for unload. 

So basically we get $50 a stop,  making it $150 per trailer, plus .72 cents a mile. So the average trip I get is like I said warier, about 400 miles, this varies per trip, just giving you an average so we can estimate weekly pay. 

400 miles X .72 cpm is $288 plus $150 for stops and unload comes up to $438

I try to unload every other day so, mostly 3 to 4 trips/unloads a week, that brings my gross pay to between $1314 to $1752 a week, minus Uncle Sams share, you will see the net pays on the paystub below. 

I will say that, when I did OTR, I was getting about .43 cpm, and drive about 2000 miles a week, sometime 2500 miles a week. But my average was always around 2000 miles a week, that’s about 400 miles a day for 5 to 6 days. 

And my gross with that was 

2000 X .43 = $860, you can see what a big difference that is. 

I know some people will say, hell thats not true, this and that, so below you will see last 4 recent paystub with explanation for each paystub. 

Well, this is most of the things which came to my mind now as far as dollar general account, if I have missed something, or you have a specific question answers, please leave a comment below, I will be sure to reply promptly. 

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Hope this information was able to help at least one person today, yes, that’s my goal for a day, help one person a day, because the universe will pay me back twice. 

Cheers friends, have a great day, at least try.